Render Stock Terms

UPDATED 06-09-2020

All images purchased from Paradise Renders are licensed as royalty-free, single seat, non-exclusive, and multi-use. Images may be used for personal and commercial projects, subject to the terms and conditions provided herein. Images from Paradise Renders are intended for, but not limited to, use in book cover design and related marketing materials.

Melony Paradise retains copyright to all images provided on the Paradise Renders website and grants purchaser limited license to use image in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

  • By downloading any file from Paradise Renders website, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.



You may use image for:

  • Unlimited projects. Image(s) must be integrated into a larger piece of art, or heavily modified/manipulated, and may not be used as-is without written permission
  • Marketing materials related to the book cover or artwork design (i.e. postcards, bookmarks, flyers, or any disposable paper products)
  • Digital use related to the book cover or artwork design with unlimited electronic impressions (i.e. book blog, advertising, author website)
  • Up to 500,000 physical print copies related to the book cover or artwork design, including merchandise for Free Distribution (i.e. event marketing giveaways)
  • Any genre, including romance (excluding erotica, and any use listed under “Prohibited Use”), with no limitations regarding race, age, gender, or sexual orientation


You may not:

  • Claim the image as your own
  • Redistribute or resell the unmodified image
  • Use the image in any template
  • Use the image for print-on-demand merchandise or any item for resale (where the value of the item is directly related to the image) without purchasing an extended license
  • Use the image to create an official logo, company name, or trademark
  • Use the image for SPAM mailings, deceptive advertising, or in any way the infringes on the intellectual property rights of the copyright holder
  • Use the image in a way that competes with Paradise Renders
  • Use any image purchased from Paradise Renders in sensitive scenarios that could reasonably be considered pornographic, libelous, or illegal
  • Use the image for advertisement or promotion of tobacco or alcohol products

Any forbidden use of the image shall be considered as copyright infringement. You shall be liable for all damages caused by copyright infringement, including any claims made by third parties. Melony Paradise and Paradise Renders reserves the right to recall your license of any image you have used in a manner considered as copyright infringement.


An Extended license includes all permitted uses under the Standard license, does not have any limits on the number of copies, prints, or displays and allows you to use the downloaded image for the creation of print-on-demand merchandise or items for resale.

  • To obtain an extended license, please contact Paradise Cover Design.


The Standard and Extended licenses are single seat licenses. A single-seat license authorizes only the person who purchased the image(s) to use the downloaded image(s) from Paradise Renders.


Your rights to use the image are subject to this agreement, and you shall enter into this agreement after having downloaded any file. You have the right to use the downloaded image provided there are no chargebacks or returned payments. In the event of a chargeback or returned payment, you shall lose rights to use the downloaded image(s), and you must stop using the image(s) or any derivative work and take all necessary efforts to stop using them until image license fee is paid in full. In addition, you shall reimburse Paradise Renders for all reasonable expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred in the collection of the payments. Melony Paradise and Paradise Renders reserves the right to revoke or modify any license granted by this Agreement or replace any image with a similar/alternative one for any reason.